Focus: Have Fun First

Another lesson learned from my mentor, Dr. Rick McGuire: Have Fun First!

Typically, we pursue a particular area because we enjoy it. Enjoyment leads to improvement, and then somewhere along the way we get labeled “good” at it. For some, that moment ends the pursuit of fun. Fun becomes secondary (or worse) to advancement, achievement, and acclaim. We constantly think that we’ll have fun when….we master the next skill….we get the next promotion….we get off the plateau….we win the next award. Sometimes those moments even end up being fun. And then we move on in pursuit of the next accomplishment.

Many of you may be caught in this cycle right now. I’ll have fun when….

When is the last time you truly enjoyed your performance? Not for what it got you, but for the simple pleasure of engaging in something that you enjoy?

If that sounds too touchy feely, keep in mind that it was your enjoyment, your passion, and having FUN that allowed you to be good in the first place. Ask yourself, “How do I perform when I am having fun?” For most people the answer is, “Great!”

Are you waiting to have fun? Focus on what you like about your performance. Focus on enjoyment. Have fun first! I’ll bet you’ll like it….and you just might get the results you’ve been struggling for.


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