Art of Possibility

The Art of Possibility is an interesting collaboration between a husband and wife who are a symphony conductor and therapist, respectively. This results in a fascinating look at creativity, the change process, and unique approaches to performance and life. The initial chapter sets the tone for the book, utilizing historical and biological evidence to demonstrate that “It’s all invented.” This means that there is no objective reality, and our minds create a story to make sense of the information we receive from the environment. Once you realize that your story is an invention, it becomes possible to create a story that you feel good about. This simple yet liberating idea holds great promise for your performance and well-being.

What story can you create to facilitate confidence? Motivation? Happiness? Satisfaction? Fulfillment?

It’s your story, make it a good one.


5 thoughts on “Art of Possibility

  1. Interesting, but with no objective reality, on what ground rests the author’s claim that all is invented? Granted, I have not yet read the book, however, refuting objective reality at the outset seems to fundamentally undermine the premiss. In essence, one cannot claim an objective reality that there is no objective reality and remain within the bounds of rational discourse.

  2. I oversimplified the point a bit for the sake of being brief. Here is a quote from the book that explains a bit more, “We perceive only the sensations we are programmed to receive, and our awareness is further restricted by the fact that we recognize only those for which we have mental maps or categories.” In other words, our “realities” are never complete, yet we are rarely consciously aware of this.

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